WATCH: Wolfgang Puck Has Binders Full Of Woman Metaphors On Top Chef Seattle

On last night’s season premiere of Top Chef: Seattle, each of the four permanent judges crafted a challenge for five potential cheftestants in a preliminary round to determine who would get a Top Chef coat and move on to the host city. The challenges perfectly reflected each judges’ personalities: Tom Colicchio asked his group to work on the line at Craft in LA, Emeril Lagasse had his chefs make soup, Hugh Acheson had his make a salad, and Wolfgang Puck charged his five with making perfect omelettes.

We were a little surprised no one could make an omelette without burning their eggs, but Wolfgang dutifully voiced our concerns with line after line of “[insert cooking woe here] is a like a woman” critiques:

“A stove is like a woman: it never does what it’s supposed to.”

“[Your omelette] looks like a woman with a lot of makeup on.”

Wolfgang Puck’s got binders full of woman metaphors, ya hear?

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