WATCH: Treme Season 4 Teaser Offers Hope, Sad Trumpet

David Simon’s sophomore HBO series Treme has been serving up some of our favorite celebrity chef guest cameos since Wolfgang Puck’s formidable CW acting career. It’s been renewed for an abbreviated and final fourth season, premiering this December, and HBO aired a stingy 30-second teaser trailer last night, sandwiched between Boardwalk Empire’s Season premiere and The Newsroom’s penultimate episode of its season.

Treme Season 4 takes place 38 months after Hurricane Katrina, dropping us in around October 2008 New Orleans. Yes, you hopeless romantics, you, that is a Janette/Davis smooch you spy, set to the somber trumpet stylings of Delmond Lambreaux. Check out the teaser in its entirety below.

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  • napadavid

    You know Anthony Bourdain once said he couldn’t get into Boardwalk Empire because he found it too slow.. jeesuss… talk about myopic glasses.. you ever try and get through an episode of Treme without falling asleep? Talk about nothing happening.. another David Simon snooze fest where nothing happens..

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