Tyler Florence Makes World’s Greatest Point: ‘What’s More Expensive — Diabetes Or Fresh Ingredients?’

Former boyband member Tyler Florence managed to avoid disaster on The View during the show’s most panic-inducing segment, Cooking Sherri, but he did drop some church on those who complain about the expense of buying organic (or just produce in general). Cooking Sherri involves celebrity chefs teaching host Sherri Shepherd, who’s in the middle of a diabetes makeover à la Paula Deen, how to cook healthful foods. Personally, we’d live in mortal fear of being held responsible for Sherri chopping off her hand after seeing the way she wields a knife in the segment below. Side note: she also neglects to take the safety tip off her knife, thinking it was just “part of the decoration.”

Anyway, after a medic-free chopping session and a failed attempt at frying sage leaves in an ice-cold pan of oil, Sherri asked Tyler, who’s on a press tour for his new book Tyler Florence Fresh, what he has to say about people who think cooking healthy is unnecessarily expensive.

“To me — and you’ll know what I’m talking about, right — you have to ask yourself a question: what’s more expensive? Diabetes and obesity, or fresh wholesome ingredients? And there’s only one answer: you’ve gotta cook fresh for life.”

First of all, excellent point. Second of all, way to call a girl out on TV, Ty-Flo. Sheesh.

Check out the clip below to learn how not to chop.

  • KWDragon

    While I completely agree with his point, and love his recipes, it is worth remembering that not all of us can afford the quality, fresh food he champions.

    Sadly, a can of preserved “stuff” is often less expensive than fresh veggies, especially when you consider the cost of the spices to make the veggies so good. Over time, I have built up a well-stocked pantry of seasonings, so I really have a head start on his recipes–one that others don’t always enjoy.

    I wish more stores (like one near my home) would offer their bruised or overripe food at a substantial discount, rather than discarding it because it’s no longer optimal or pretty. I get great deals and the cost really is lower to eat fresh (although, it’s not organic).

    Of course, the little place I shop is in a less-than good neighborhood, so I think they better understand their customers’ financial plights. It’s worth keeping this in mind when you shop.

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