WATCH: Here’s A Taste Of Vinny’s Jersey Shore Food Show Spin-Off

Did you forget that the MTV spin-off Jersey Shore cast member Vinny Guadagnino secured for himself after six seasons of day-drinking was a food show? Because it is.

Pauly D got a roadie spin-off tracking his blossoming DJ career. JWOWW and Snooki got a spin-off about the things that happen to Snooki’s vagina when she’s pregnant their BFF-ship. And Vinny, being the one, true Eye-talian of the series, gets a food show. The premise? Basically one like Eric Ripert’s On The Table, except that Vinny’s mom is the one cooking, Vinny’s doing the talking, and an A-list celeb guest is doing the ratings bating. Got it? Good.

Check out a sneak peek of the show, and a cooking demo from Mama Guadagnino et al from this morning’s Fourth Hour below. Ladies and gentlemen: we now live in a world where Uncle Nino has participated in a Today Show cooking segment.

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  • KingPsyz

    Vinnie was and is generally likeable, and as mentioned, the only actual Itallian from the show. Looks like a fun idea, take someone used to having a bubble around them sitting at a familt table elbow to elbow shooting the ish like familes do over a nice meal.

    I’ll be watching.

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