A VIP Table for Two at Guy Fieri’s New Year’s Eve Party Costs, Wait for It, $795 (UPDATED)

So it’s New Year’s Eve, you’re in New York City, you wanna see the ball drop, and you wanna impress your ladyfriend (or your dudefriend, or your non-gender-specific friend, whichever), but you don’t have any plans. BOY HAVE WE JUST DISCOVERED THE BEST PLAN FOR YOU.

For a mere $795, you and your sweet honey can get a special, “elite VIP” table (for two!) at Guy’s American Rockin’ New Year’s Eve party, hosted in Times Square by celebrity chef Guy Fieri himself!*

For the price of two dinners at Per Se, you would expect your Guy Fieri New Year Date to be decadent with foods like, say, gold-dusted nachos, or diver scallops (with pearls), or Lamborghini car-viar. YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN’ YET, BECAUSE GUY FIERI HAS UPPED THE ANTE WITH THIS FLAMIN’ DEAL:

  • Cheese Plate
  • Platter of “Vegetarian California Egg Roll served with Thai chili dipping sauce”
  • Platter of “Bourbon Brown Sugar Wings tossed in bourbon brown sugar BBQ sauce”
  • One (1) bottle of champagne
  • “NYE Party Favors”
  • A coat check that you have to pay for in addition to your $795 menu
  • Access to an hors d’oeuvres buffet line that you have to share with the plebes who only paid $105 to get in (and that buffet line has only four menu items)
  • Unlimited open bar from 8 PM to 1 AM (…okay, that is not so bad, if you just happen to drink the restaurant’s entire stash of Johnnie Walker Blue.)
  • A DJ. Just…a DJ.
  • America walls. “The walls are proudly decked out in red, white and blue brick and a painted American flag that would make any non-American citizen envious.” (REAL SENTENCE.)
  • Proximity to the Times Square Ball Drop, and the subsequent afterparty, the Post-Ball Drop Public Transportation Death Stampede.
  • A gratuity that is not included in the price of this hawt deal.

What a hot deal! Everyone who wants to impress their SO by spending New Year’s Eve with Guy Fieri**, hop on this deal — it’s not gonna last very long!

* Guy Fieri not actually scheduled to attend.

**We’re serious, he’s not attending. We called host organization, who said they were “pretty sure” he wasn’t attending. His appearance isn’t even teased in the party invite. Flavor Town, where is your mayor and why has he abandoned you?!

Update: The price has been removed from the website, but we’re pretty sure if you call them, it will still cost $795.

[h/t Kat Kinsman]

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  • Ronnie Boxall

    $795.00? It’s not even worth $7.95!!! And it’s not even for charity??

  • tctw

    Just another example of how The Braiser has Guy Fieri Derangement Syndrome.

    Does anyone think that Guy Fieri is the only one in Times Square charging those kinds of prices?

    Applebees (Applebees!!!!!!) is charging $375 per person on New Year’s Eve in their Time’s Square location. For those under 12, Applebees is charging a cut rate price of only $250.

    In fact all restaurants in the Times Square area are charging the same kinds of prices:

    “But as Passy points out, almost all Times Square restaurants and hotels have high-priced party packages, including TGI Friday’s starting at $225, and the Andaz 5th Avenue for $14,000, which includes a two-night stay at the hotel, plus meals and spa treatments.”

    So it turns out that Guy Fieri is not really charging New Year’s Eve’s patrons a price out of line with other restaurants in Time’s Square.

    So there are several questions that must be answered:

    Is the staff at The Braiser so lazy that they don’t realize Guy Fieri’s prices are in line with all other Time’s Square Restaurants on New Year’s Eve?

    If they do, why would they single out Guy Fieri?

    Does The Braiser have a single minded purpose to do all they can to humiliate Guy Fieri?

    Anyone familiar with The Braiser would understand that question 3 is undeniably in the affirmative.

    Guy Fieri is a man whose show has changed the lives of hundreds (if not thousands if you include extended family) of the people who own the restaurants he has featured.

    How many lives have you changed The Braiser?

    Since it is really only me, KWDragon, and now Ronnie Boxall, I am guessing…….. hmmm none. Ha ha ha.

    I forgot to read the byline. Oh. It is Tina Nguyen. Now I understand.

    The only problem in accusing Tina Nguyen of journalistic malfeasance at The Braiser is it is kinda like giving out speeding tickets at the Indianapolis 500.

  • tctw

    Tina Nguyen wrote:

    “*Guy Fieri not actually scheduled to attend.”

    “**We’re serious, he’s not attending.” …. “Flavor Town, where is your mayor and why has he abandoned you?!”

    I have it on good authority that Bill and T. J. Palmer will not be attending The Applebee’s Time’s Square Restaurant on New Year’s Eve.

    Ribletville, where are your founders?

    Who cares?

    Tina Nguyen is so utterly pathetic. Really

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