WATCH: Eddie Huang Discovers the Curiosities of White People in Brooklyn

“One of the shiniest, newest, and most successful immigrant communities in New York these days is white Brooklyn.” So starts part two of Fresh Off The Boat’s New York episode, wherein a certain Mister Edwyn Huang wanders into the gentrified urban jungle that are the communities of Williamsburg, Bushwick, and East Williamsburg (which is actually the name of a Real Neighborhood). Places mentioned: Momo Sushi, the Bushwick Food Co-Op, and Peter Luger, the centuries-old steakhouse which brought white people to Brooklyn before white people going to Brooklyn was cool.

Watch below via VICE:

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  • tctw

    Shane Smith was getting all nostalgic for $5 blowjobs from crack whores, drug dealers on every corner, and homeless guys taking dumps on one’s stoop? Really?

    Yes, gentrification is a terrible thing.

  • tctw

    Tina Nguyen wrote: “…and Peter Luger, the centuries-old steakhouse…”

    Umm, Peter Luger Steakhouse was established in 1887 which would make it 126 years old, hardly “centuries-old”. You ought stop parroting everything ABC Eddie Huang says.

    “which brought white people to Brooklyn before white people going to Brooklyn was cool.”

    What a moronic statement. Brooklyn was 93%+ white for its first 300 years (98% white when Peter Luger Steakhouse opened). It is still majority white, but then that wouldn’t really fit your “whites are interlopers in Brooklyn” mantra.

  • tctw

    ABC Eddie Huang said: “No one has ever shot in Peter Luger”.

    Does ABC Eddie think that just because he says something it is true? Anyone can youtube “Peter Luger” to see the liar that is ABC Eddie Huang.

    Now if ABC Eddie Huang had said “This is the first time an ABC Jackass shot in Peter Luger” that would be an accurate statement.

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