Tonight In Food TV: The Season Premiere Of An All-New Worst Cooks In America

She’s braved Robert Irvine for two seasons, and is about to square off against Bobby Flay for the second time, but Anne Burrell remains the undefeated champion mentor of Worst Cooks In America. Season 4 kicks off tonight with a brand new batch of kooky, culinarily inept contestants battling it out for the title of…not-worst-cook-ever.

There’s a Latvian woman trying to poison Anne and Bobby with improperly handled chicken; a dude who prepares “mole marinara spaghetti” using melted down M&Ms, which he freely admits he’s made himself sick eating before; and, of course, a boisterous, middle-aged drug and alcohol counselor who cougars out on Bobby Flay with “ride or die” enchilladas, which she may or may not have lost an acrylic nail in. …Ew.

Check out an extended sneak preview of tonight’s season premiere.

  • myshadow

    these shows suck…the whole reality/competition genre has destroyed what used to be good about the programming on these networks.
    No ethnic food, nothing cultural or instructive to be seen in this wasteland.
    I can’t believe they have the numbers to justify this crap.

  • KWDragon

    Sadly, I am starting to agree with you. And I used to watch Food Network a lot. *sigh*

  • sawslow

    But the show is about people that can’t cook! I mean really can’t cook it amazes me

  • bobbyc2

    Chef Anne didn’t battle Robert Irvine two seasons in a row, her first battle was with David ? and Robert was season 2, Flay was season 3.

    This group is scary though, I thought I was bad at cooking, these twits make me look like a 4-star Michelin Chef and I can burn water.

  • KWDragon

    I know. How can you NOT know how to boil water, follow directions on a box or wash your hands after touching raw chicken? It’s like a complete lack of awareness of the food being prepared around you. If you so much as watch someone cook a few times, how can you not understand the basics?

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